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Face Time


I was running some errands today when my cell phone rang with a call from Rachel.

Let me say up front that I feel pretty blessed to have a car that picks up my phone calls. Kudos to my husband because if we depended on my income….well….I would be talking to  people through two soup cans connected by string…(if you are under 40, google it…)

I answered and I was greeted with Graham’s voice….”Hey Lola, can we face time?”

Well of course.

So I told him to wait a minute, pulled off into the parking lot of a doctor’s office next to the highway and sat in a stifling hot car face timing with those two cuties while their mom fixed their lunch.

Errands were put on hold, a spot was found and I was a captive audience. Win win for everyone….and honestly there wasn’t any serious issues resolved or brilliant discoveries made.

We sent hugs and kisses, we laughed, we marveled over whatever objects were nearby that he and Emmett could hold up for me to look at, because I am really good at making a big to do over nothing.

But I can’t always pull off the road or take the time, much as I would like to.

However, we have a heavenly Father who is ALWAYS ready for face time with us.

He is never too busy.

He is never inconvenienced or thrown off schedule.

He is never thinking our conversation is silly or unimportant.

We are assured in Scripture that we have open access to His throne…His throne of GRACE and MERCY…24/7.

I urge you to take Him at His Word.

With childlike faith…call out to Him….

Talk to Him while you wait for your lunch.

Show Him what is on your heart.

Or just sit in His Presence.

Take time to Face Time with your Father…..it will do you a world of good <3

Call to Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things that you do not know <3      Jeremiah 3:33




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    1. I am so very glad you found it and that it blesses you <3
      Thank you for the words of encouragement!

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