Living up to her name on the regular <3


There seems to be a lot of sadness and turmoil in the atmosphere. So for today, I want to share a little story about our Sweet Caroline; because, like her, it is sweet and uplifting and it makes my heart warm and happy. I hope it does the same for you. 

First off, the story begins with the special relationship she shares with her next oldest brother. He was still so little when she was born that he remembers nothing but her by his side. They watch out for each other and we often refer to them in terms like “Mutt and Jeff”,”Lennie and Squiggy”, “PB & J”. 

Their relationship is more like twins and on the rare occasion when they are at odds, the universe seems off kilter until they make amends. 

The other night we were meeting for Mexican after a ball game. Zach, Russ and I were already seated. Joel came and pulled a chair out next to me while Emmett and Graham made bookends for their dad across from Russ and me. 

When his mom and Caroline entered, Joel immediately saw his sister’s face fall. The remaining seating were the two chairs at the end opposite each other. He knew his sister would want to sit by mommy, as did he, but he slid out and beckoned her to sit. He pushed her chair in, like a real man, and scooted around to the other side of the table. 

And for this and a million other reasons, she loves him dearly. 

So when I took her to Michael’s with a $25 birthday gift card to spend on whatever she wanted, her first reach was for a figurine of an animal he doesn’t have but would love, as she put it.

This took a good chunk of her gift money, but as she made decisions and worked her math, it was never an option to put that back. 

His birthday is in October. She easily could have decided to wait a bit and save for it, but no. It might not be there when she had the money and Joely had to have this. 

Of course, I decided to float her some extra to get one thing she couldn’t afford without dropping his gift back on the shelf. Because a heart like that is a rare find. And he would have done the same for her.

And if you are thinking she was counting on that, her surprise when I put the extra item on the counter and told her Lola would cover it was genuine and precious. 

I don’t know if she will be able to wait the months it will take for his birthday to arrive and I hope and pray she remembers where she hid it if she does, but the memory of the purchase is safely tucked in the treasure box of my heart <3

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