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Love and rules

Somebody got a bike for his birthday…IMG_3072and he wanted to ride it to the bookmobile several blocks from home last night…while his mom pushed the double stroller with Emmett and two bags of books.

But on the return…someone decided he didn’t want to ride his bike anymore. Papi and Lola were there, so it seemed doable to make an exception…

Too bad.

Cause the rule is…you start out on it…you return on it…and it has to be that way because…

IMG_3070she’s awesome…but she’s only got two hands and they are kinda full and …she said so….

Is she mean?


Are mommy and daddy unfair or unloving when they tell them not to run in the street or nix eating ice cream instead of dinner? Too hard on them when they insist on follow through with obedience?


Are the rules just there to take away fun and make them miserable?


And when they break them, do their parents love them less?


The rules keep them safe and healthy; those do’s and don’ts ┬áteach the boys to make good decisions and grow into responsible men.

Like every parent, it breaks their heart when they have to discipline those two cuties. That’s why they remind them often and warn them when it looks like things are headed downhill.

Because they love their children.

And love; honest and true parental love, doesn’t change the rules to make the child happy.

Love holds the standard…stands firm in the consequences…wipes the tears and accepts the apology ….then holds the child in the aftermath.


Just a small picture of our heavenly Father’s love for us <3

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