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You just never know

IMG_1367Russ and I made an out and back to see his dad. One of those trips where you spend more time on the road than actually at the destination. But worth every mile.

I drove most of today as it is Monday and well…work happens…and let me tell you…Americans are on the road this summer.

Lots of cars and trucks and not a few campers and trailers…which reminded me of my summers as a child. My parents loved to travel. A lot. And since they were basically retired when I hit grade school, I spent my summers in the back seat of their car while they towed an Airstream all over the U.S. of A.

We stayed in a lot of parks and campgrounds. We spent so many days on the road and nights in the trailer…that I have blocked a lot of it. You can only eat so much bologna sandwiches in rest areas and shop at so many Stuckey’s before it gets to you.

One place has been coming to mind to me this summer, though, and I thought of it again today. We were parked in some campground, somewhere. And it was the weekend.

My parents were church going people, but unless a church was nearby or a service was offered on site; we didn’t go out looking for one.

But one found me.

There was a lady in the campground who took kids curriculum with her wherever they traveled. She would hold a mini-VBS/Sunday School experience for any kids in the campground.

I don’t remember what she taught, and I wouldn’t have said as I progressed through my journey that this particular morning had an impact on shaping my faith….except that…I sat in Sunday School classes September through May for every year of school…and this is the teaching that stands out in my memory.

Not WHAT she taught…but that she DID….

Sitting at that picnic table under her awning with a few other kids from the trailers and tents that morning…all total strangers to each other ¬†and to our impromptu teacher.

One day out of years of my childhood that has come to mind as our church has started a sermon series called “Go”…about how we are to share our faith, intentionally, as we literally GO through our normal daily lives.

And I think of this lady….

Who made it her habit to plan for her vacation with fishing in mind…

fishing for hearts to know Jesus.

I wonder what impact you and I have had in someone’s life during a one time encounter.

I wonder what kind of impact we COULD have…

I wonder who we could reach if we all took provisions with us every day to share Jesus with whoever might be around…

With willing hearts and open hands…I wonder…IMG_0472if we couldn’t just plan to be willing and prepared to invite others to know Him as we go along the road <3

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  1. I had the pleasure of accompanying your family one one of your Airstream adventures and had my first taste of KY burgoo (looks awful, tastes great). To this day, when I see an Airstream on the road, I think of you

    1. Oh my gosh! Sherrie!! You know my crazy Airstream past!!! Remember how goofy we were?? Bless you!! thanks for the note <3

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