Men are from Scheels. Women are from Prairie Gardens.

Welcome to Monday!

Thank you for stopping by or letting me drop in.

Our weekend was packed full and I am still processing, so this post is meant to make you smile and be thankful if you have a brain that doesn’t view life in a random fashion…

First of all….IMG_3220uh….what happened to Fall?


On the bright side, we don’t have to worry about that moss that was coming up between the pavers…


Now to the title of today’s post…two weekends ago, we made the trek to Scheels, which is basically the Disney World of sporting goods stores.

We walked around and looked at all sorts of clothing, equipment, paraphernalia and accessories for every single sport under the sun. I kid you not.

This is something my husband has been suggesting we do for several months. I wondered if somehow I had missed the clues over the years and there were sports he would like to be involved in pursuing that work, family and church commitments had kept him from.

No. He just wanted to walk around and look. I was happy to be with him, made appropriate (I hope) comments and mentally checked “Go to Scheels” off the 2014 Bucket List.

Last weekend, I suggested we go to Prairie Gardens which has been transformed into Pinterest on Steroids for the season.

A few minutes into the display of wreaths and centerpieces, as I mentally dissected the components of flocked evergreen and berry stems artfully arranged in a red painted wooden crate, I heard him say….through the fog….”What did you want to get from here?”

Excuse me?

How do I explain it?

We probably won’t get anything but ideas…we …. look…and admire….and plot….and inventory what we know we have at home….and we talk about how pretty this one is, and how we don’t like that one.

And being who he is; he put his game face on, drank some complimentary cider from a thimble sized cup, pushed our empty cart around and even stopped at one point to comment that he liked the table setting of red and green dishes….which made me love him more…

In all relationships, there is a certain amount of standing around in the other person’s interests and taking interest because you care for them.

As the holidays are upon us, there will be multiple opportunities for us to show the love of Christ by setting aside our own interests and investing in listening and encouraging and caring for others that God has placed in our lives.

Because, ultimately, the whole point of this season of Thanksgiving and Christmas is not about the good feelings they bring, but about the God feelings that we want to share with others.

We care, or love, because He first loved us. We take interest in others, because HE is interested in others.

God bless you as you intentionally flex to bless others <3




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