On Monday I had an unusually productive day. Got the entire …. ENTIRE … (ok, the basement doesn’t count) house cleaned. Woot!

Today, as I sit in a corner of the family room, I see…a pile of knitting projects by the couch, to my left a pair of boots from Wednesday that go with the jean jacket discarded on a chair in the kitchen. There is a scarf and sweater draped over the couch. My pile of books spills from the end of the table onto the floor. From there I can see stacks of mail and this morning’s paper spread out.

Sigh….but life happened this week….and for fun…here are a few of the highlights….in no particular order of timing or importance….

Yeah….won this baby at an open house for Mary and Martha last weekend. Thanks Jen!!! LOVE IT!!!!

IMG_3508Got this pic from our daughter…Emmett in the hat I knitted for him!!! So many blessings in this picture: Emmett, that I learned to knit thanks to Knit a Square ladies and the tutoring of Cindie, Cinda and Helen <3, that I actually finished something I started, that we have a daughter who takes pictures and sends to us…on and on….


As I was cleaning out flower pots on Monday ( I told you I was productive), I dumped the dirt from a couple and found…IMG_3187

I know very little about plants, so at first thought some kind of freakish alien thing was happening until I remembered….I planted sweet potato vines in some of the pots on the patio for variety! Thanks Macky!

I find things like that hilarious…seriously….I had a crop of sweet potatoes growing on my patio and we are not even zone for agriculture!

Also, this week there was….IMG_3485_2

a free Creme Brulee from Starbucks…


IMG_3492 IMG_3496

and finally, this gift one evening ….



I hope you have had some delights this week in the midst of the ordinary!

God bless you this weekend <3



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