Monday and snow flurries….again…

Happy start o’the week to you.

Russ peeked through the curtains this morning as he was leaving for work and sighed heavily. I told him to please tell me there was not snow on the ground.

So he silently nodded and began gathering his keys and phone….yep…we have a dusting of it yet again.

And I shouldn’t complain as our relatives in the north were having to gas up the snow blower over the weekend so there is that…

because it’s mid-April and we should be…

But no.

So here are some random thoughts to kick off our week and then I am going to continue with spring cleaning because, by golly, it’s Spring-o’clock somewhere, right????

Random #1

During one of the praise songs at church yesterday, I had this vision come into my mind of just all different kinds of flowers…shy little violets, often unwanted yellow dandelions, exotic bird of paradises (not sure how you pluralize that one), delicate pansies, sturdy geraniums, stately sunflowers.

And I thought how each holds it’s own beauty.

I pictured them scattered all over the globe, lifting their lovely faces to the sun and it made me think…how like us.

Each beautifully and wonderfully created by God.

Each, hopefully, lifting our faces to Him and just existing for His pleasure and glory.

I thought of Jesus referring to the lilies in the field and how Solomon in all his glory…decked out in all his finest and richest attire could not compare to the beauty of God’s creation of the lily.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made and so is everyone around you.

Some are of the sturdy beauty and others more fragile.

Some pop up unexpected to bring color to manicured lawns and some are scattered wild across the edges of fields out in the middle of nowhere…

all lovely in His sight.

Random #2

Checking in on that Simplify theme for 2018 and holding myself accountable four and a half months in.

I am finding a measure of success in the application of this Word of the Year, so far, by taking seriously the revelation of my tendency to over-complicate E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. due to my inability to make quick decisions.

One tactic I have found helpful is forcing the discipline of eliminating or narrowing decisions whenever possible onto my wandering mind.

The only way I have found to achieve this is to heartily incorporate prayer to keep my feet and hands on task throughout the day.

While staying on course may not be a problem for some, it is a constant struggle for me.

But with the help of the Holy Spirit guiding me, I have begun to catch myself in the act of procrastination.

I see God working in me to notice when I am starting an activity that is unproductive in an effort to avoid doing something less appealing and I also notice that as He keeps my “hand to the plow,” the work becomes easier and more efficient.

I hear that still, small voice more often now…asking me…”Is this activity going to help you accomplish your goals today, or is it stealing time from you?”

This is incredibly effective at keeping me from some of my old time-wasting habits.

The bonus on this is that I am less distracted and more energized, which leads to more good choices throughout the day.

Did you have a “word” for this year?

How are you doing with it?

Random #3

Some of you all have been so kind to ask how my back and foot are doing and I love you for it…because that’s what I hope this spot to be…you and me … connecting…you and you all…connecting…but anyway…

My back is improving immensely once I started doing the stretches my awesome chiropractor and friend gave me several years ago.

I do a series of about six stretches for my neck plus fifteen for hip flexor and back twice a day. The difference they have made in my back AND my plantar fasciitis have given me a new lease on life!

Just like that smart doctor told me they would all along.

I was putting them off because I simply didn’t make time for them even though they don’t take that long.

*See Random 2, because I stopped making them a “choice” to schedule in and they are now just part of my morning and evening routine.

So that’s what I have for this Monday.

Hope you have a great start to your week wherever you are <3



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