What were we expecting, really?

I tend to shy away from “hot topics” on here.

When some big thing happens in the news, I figure you all don’t need one more person slinging their thoughts and opinions and such on what a zillion other people are tweeting, posting and using clever photos and memes to Instagram about.

When there is a horrid tragedy, I am assuming we are all shocked and grieving and when politicians and celebrities are behaving badly, I would surmise that everyone is cringing right along with me.

Plus…I tend to get facts all mixed up and can go off on a rant with only a quarter of the information actually out there…which never really is a good idea.

So you don’t need my two cents to add to your spinning thoughts on current events.


However, I have some thoughts mulling around regarding this whole Facebook/Mark whatever-his-name-is-that-starts-with-a-Z.

See what I mean…I am not even sure what this uber famous guy’s last name is.

But let’s not let that stop us…let’s plunge in to what I would call my “impressions” of the bits and pieces of news I have caught.

I gather that Mark and his people have not played nice with our information gleaned from millions of accounts.

I caught some of the investigation and here is what I observed.

A cocky young icon of our culture who laughed, surrounded by a large audience of others who laughed along with him,  when one of the senators asked him if he would like to share who he had lunch with and the content of his last few text conversations with the viewing public.

With a smirk, he answered no, he wouldn’t…and then acknowledged he had probably not handled things well and he was sorry.

Also, I will note, he said he was sorry with about as much sincerity as Emmett does when he reaches over and takes the last raspberry in the house off Joel’s plate and pops it in his mouth.

And we can get as mad as we want at the arrogance and violation of our “rights”, but I contend that we, ourselves, have produced this young man and his attitude and the mess that we are all entangled in.

At least I have.

Because I want to share my posts and pictures on social media, and I want to see everyone else’s stuff…well, not all of it…but I would be all miffed if I couldn’t,  you know.

I want to order online and I want the Apps…I want to be doing what everyone else is doing and see what everyone else is seeing.

And I want it all for free.

So I click yes to agreements that I never bothered to read and I submit my charge card to install the gizmo or order the thing.

Sure I notice that when I look at a new coffee maker, I start getting ads for all things coffee on every news feed, email server, and social media link…and I feel invaded…but it’s the world I live in and so I just go on.

While I am completely ignorant about technology, programming, systems, links…I have four devices that can connect me to the world wide web and I use them with abandon multiple times each day.

And so I look at Mark and his crew and I cannot cast a stone.

Yes, what they did is wrong.

But I have willingly allowed myself to be part of the process.

I am not advocating for no repercussions for bad decisions by executives or politicians.

I am not saying we need to leave all forms of technology.

I am simply saying that as we point the finger at people like Mark Z…we need to also look at our own desires and contributions that make his actions possible and accept our role in the big picture.

We are fallen and flawed.

We live in a fallen and flawed world.

Our desire to have it all with no responsibility on our part is one of the symptoms of the pride that is the hallmark of the culture we rant about.

We quickly check an agreement so we can upgrade our computers and move on with business and yet we question the eternal word and promises our loving God.

As one of my teachers was always fond of reminding us…there is no such thing as a free lunch.

We have given away much information to unseen places and now we are paying the price.

We expect a free ride with benefits all the time and we don’t even recognize it in ourselves.

We place our trust in people and systems, but people and systems are not going to transform hearts and clean up the mess of this world.

We are the problem.

Jesus Christ is the solution.

But He doesn’t play fair…He extends grace.

He knows what we are made of.

He understands the world in which we live.

He entered into this mess a long time ago and all the things that get us all worked up…He is Sovereign over.

He enters into the mess of the world and the mess that is us.

No fine print.

No twisted motives.

He gave His life so we could live.






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  1. Great observations, conclusion & resolution! And this from a blonde, granny Home Ec. major to boot. She made the complex simple & fools wise quoting a Word from the Master.

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