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Monday check in and check out <3


I am later posting today because I have been very busy chasing grackles away from our bird feeder. 

You know, of course, this involved much googling to see how to discourage them which proved quite a distraction from any attempt at quiet time. 

I finally prayed over the feeder a prayer of protection and release.

You think I am joking?

Think again.

I asked God to protect the food we have purchased for the sweet little songbirds of winter who have graced it daily since we put it out there and cause the grackles to not be attracted to it because according to the way He made them, they will eat ANYTHING…so there is lots of other stuff to choose from over in the fields yonder…and if there IS anything left over after the cardinals and house finches and juncos, sparrows and mourning doves have had their fill…then so be it. In the name of Jesus. <3

I believe in praying about everything so I do.

Ironically when I finally did get some peace about the bird situation and opened up my 40 Day Prayer Guide, the fasting suggestion for the week is to fast from technology in some way. 

I gasped, slightly…I post daily on social media. 

I read the possible suggestions of how you can take a break from say, an app…or checking social media…or from a show or music channel you stream. 

I released air in a sigh of relief….Oh good…a little wiggle room. 

And that’s when the conviction hit. 

The Holy Spirit works with me like that because He understands me. 

He did, after all form me and wire me and He knows that I need very direct communication – clear, concise…the complete antithesis of the way I tend to communicate my own thougths. 

You see, if He talked to me the way I talk…I might think it was just me…but no.

He speaks in brief and to the point ways to me and I know His voice. 

That doesn’t mean I always listen…but I do know it. 

And thankfully, He knows that about me to…so I think He doesn’t repeat Himself or dialogue with me. 

He just patiently waits for me to yammer on in my own head as I process what I know is a specific instruction to take to heart, and then when I have wrestled it to the ground and thought about it from every angle and finally sigh and surrender…

He takes my hand and says…

Alrighty then, let’s do this thing.

So as I mulled over how I could continue to post as normal and share on social media…and just be on for that little amount of time…and as I went through all my reasons why I am better off continuing with the routine of posting (I will spare you the details of that rabbit trail)…it occurred to me that a fast is a fast. 

In fact…I may have heard that still small voice say exactly that…

Laura. A fast…is a fast. It’s supposed to be something you notice that you’re missing.

It’s cutting out the thing and filling any time normally spent on that thing in pursuing God. It’s trading any joy, comfort, satisfaction or fulfillment for the joy, comfort, satisfaction and fulfillment of HIM.

So in light of that, I am taking just this morning to let you know that I will be off the radar this week. 

I will most likely miss YOU more than you miss me…but I hope if you DO miss hearing from me one of these days, that it will make YOU seek HIM more…<3

Be blessed…you are loved…dearly <3

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