Monday Monday…..

What is it about Mondays? Especially when you are coming off of a particularly perfect weekend.




Mine included attending a great leadership conference, AND a Beth Moore live event WITH some great sisters and a daughter in Christ. We had two overnights with the grandsons and same daughter.  Add to that a trip to the pumpkin patch to meet up with Tia and Tio from St Louis. Although we were missing two from the circle, we got to hug and spend time with dear family.


Perfect fall weather, great times of worship and teaching, Thursday through Sunday, and the grand finale: the FCC staff/leadership gathering complete with a huge fire and sweet fellowship last night.

My heart is so full this morning; refreshed and renewed. I woke up energized, and then I looked at the calendar and the house and…. whoa!

The reality hits and I am asking where to start digging back in to my life. I have a tendency to run and hide when I feel overwhelmed. But this morning, I am reminded of one of the sweetest lessons I learned this weekend.

It happened in the early morning hours when our little Graham woke with some tears and fears from the shadows of the ceiling fan in our room. Don’t judge. He’s two.

His mommy gently reminded him what they do when they are afraid. Pray to Jesus. And so she prayed as he repeated her simple words: Dear Jesus, help me to not be afraid. I know that You are with me. I don’t have to be afraid.

I think I can remember that today. I think He will understand if I substitute afraid with overwhelmed; or confused, or prone to procrastinate; or whatever the issue might be as I journey onward through Monday!

I pray God blesses each one of you with the knowledge of His presence in whatever you are facing today. I pray His goodness and mercy follow you throughout your Monday and your whole week!



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