Taking the Plunge

Do you remember the old Nestea Plunge commercials? In googling this to check my facts, I discovered that if you are nodding your head, you are most likely over the age of 30. I guess these ran in the 80’s. Time flies.

A fully clothed, extremely parched actor is featured, frantically searching for a beverage. As he lifts a glass of icy tea to his mouth, he is suddenly on the edge of a huge pool. With a big smile, he falls straight back into the depths of the water. Nary a drop of tea spills as the splash surges up around him.

I have a tendency to see spiritual pictures in things like this. Tell me you did not see that coming….

We call it a leap of faith. To me, it is just about the same sensation as if I let myself do a dead man’s fall backwards into a swimming pool. Forget the tea.

It happens to me when I have an idea that I think might be from God; an idea that is bigger than I want to deal with and I try to talk myself out of. As I am explaining to God that He has the wrong person, I can already hear the swimming pool filling up behind me. I pray and I listen and I follow the little steps as He gives them to me. All along the way, I offer to opt out if this isn’t His plan.

At some point, after I have prayed and listened and prayed and listened and checked to make sure there is enough water in the pool and prayed some more; I get the nudge: It’s time. Take the plunge!

So a few week’s ago; I put a smile on my face and fell backward into an attempt to take my writing to a new level. With the help of our very talented Tech expert at FCC, I now have a website where I will be posting my goofy stories, meditations and other things that God pours into this blonde brain during the week. I will also be adding some writings from the past several years.

I am a little scared and nervous – ok, a lot scared and nervous – but when God has filled the pool and says it’s time, you gotta take the plunge! I pray with all my heart that He uses this new adventure to splash others with HIS Living Water!

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