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Monday musings <3


This morning I had an early hair appointment. As I opened the shades to let the morning light in, it was visibly darker than just a week ago. 

It is starting. 

The length of time we have to enjoy the sunlight is diminishing day by day and we know that summer is about to slip off completely. 

Even as the school bus has already begun to pick up the kiddos on our block down by the corner each morning and Russ has penciled in “Friday Night Lights” at the end of this week’s row of days; there is still somewhat of a summer feel but it is fleeting. 

Change is always hard for me and transitions are made with effort.

So in an attempt to be positive, I have to say that I do enjoy a return to a little more discipline and order that the school year calendar brings to our lives. 

But this year I am struggling. 

We have had an odd summer here at the Reimer house. 

I was gone a big chunk of June, we had had a couple of injuries that sidelined both Russ and I from summer things we enjoy doing. Covid stole time from Russ joining our family at our niece’s wedding and the recovery from injuries and coughing from residual virus junk has just put a damper on things. 

Now mind you, we have had a whole lot of good thrown into the mix but the separation, isolation and recuperation have left us longing for cancelations and activities done without everyone participating. 

Scattered hither and yon is how it has felt more often than not. 

I am sensitive to the rhythms of the seasons, and this past season was more like a modern jazz score than a light summer melody. 

If I am being honest, the first summer of Russ’s retirement was so perfect for him that this one has felt like a slap in the face. 

And truly if one were to receive a blow across the cheek, the first response would most likely be to ask what was done to bring on such an action. 

But sometimes life just feels like a large succession of curve balls thrown consistently over a short period of time and as we know…life is too short as it is, so this kind of stinks. 

However; the best deal is to make lemonade from lemons, as the saying goes, and we are going to squeeze what we can out of what is left of summer.

The grill will be humming, we will enjoy sitting out on the patio until it is too dark to read. I will dress a little warmer to sit out there on cool mornings and we plan to start making up for lost time on the bike trails and hiking paths. 

Already I am making lists of things I want to do this fall and plotting how we can fit in the pumpkin patch and some chili suppers and of course…Friday Night Lights around a variety of soccer games and such for the boys. 

Because the days have wings and we will make the most of the time were are given…

Curious to know…how are you preparing to transition from summer to a new season? And how do you take disappointments and use them to grow? 

Would love to hear your thoughts but if nothing else, jot down your answers and ponder how to intentionally enjoy this season in your life and then share that with someone in conversation sometime this week <3 

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