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Stories along the way <3


Hello and happy Friday!

I hope you have had a good week and have something fun planned for the weekend. 

Russ and I were visiting with a friend at the cafe at church this week and as we laughed and swapped stories, I guess you could say parts of our testimonies came out here and there. 

We agreed that it is good to share what God has done, not only in our recent story but way back along the way. The good, the bad and the ugly. I was thinking as we left that day how powerful the road tales of friends in faith are as they share about before and after and in between with accepting Christ and following His ways. 

Most of the Christians I know don’t have dramatic stories. They are basically nice people who either grew up in the church but had a moment of decision as an adult to go all in…or they are basically nice people who met Jesus in high school, college, young adult and even later adult years. 

And I am encouraged at how that encounter changed everything. 

As I sat across from my friend with her eyes dancing as she shared about their later-in-life baptisms and I know the impact this couple has had on so many, I see where they were good people who did kind things before Jesus, but after Jesus; their lives have born so much fruit that just wouldn’t have been there. 

I think of a sermon illustration I heard once. There were two men in town. One was difficult and crabby and a loner.  He was a Christian. Another was generous and kind hearted and well loved. He wasn’t a Christian. When someone asked the preacher what difference then did their faith or lack of faith make, he said…well…we will never know what kind of horror the Christian would have been without Jesus nor all the good the non-Christian could have done with Him. 

I know that is simplistic, but it makes me think how I have witnessed with my own eyes how accepting Christ has enhanced the innate good qualities of some and how it has also completely turned around some who needed a change for the better. 

It also reminds me how important it is to talk openly and honestly about our faith journey. I know this is not only for non-believers as a means of evangelism. Sharing the path of our faith with other believers, including the times we stalled, wandered, stopped in our tracks, stumbled, or soared…these stories encourage the saints. And we all need encouragement. 

God bless you as you reflect on your story with Jesus and where you have been, where you are and where you are going <3 

You are dearly loved <3

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