Monday stuff

Today is all the Monday chores…cleaning, laundry and a grocery run in my very near future.

So I thought I would share some views from the weekend.

On Saturday we went to see St. Louis and took a bike ride in the areas around Clayton. We rode to a lovely park where that first shot was taken and were amazed at how many hills there are in that area.

Then these characters talked me into riding on the actual streets around the city…

I have to say, they make nice bike lanes and cars are more friendly to bikers than they are their own species.

We also saw a huge bird swoop over us when we were in the park, and found out it was a hawk who had nabbed a squirrel. I am not kidding.

She was so protective of her catch that we were able to get even closer to this to high five her, I mean to take a picture. Seriously, I had nothing to do with this. It’s the circle of life.

On Sunday we watched the two oldest boys play soccer in a gale force wind. Literally would blow hats off and knock chairs over. But totally worth it.

Graham played the first two games…

and yes, he is as tall as he looks. I can actually kiss the top of his head without bending my neck.



What in the world happened….

And that little blonde…

gave his all in the last two games of the day.

Time is marching on for sure.

We also had lots of FaceTime and video/photos from John who is working in Houston this week and got to attend the virtual game that capped the Astros for the world series last night.

We say, put him in coach…he’s ready to play <3

So that’s us as we wind down on October.

The rest of the day will involve more cleaning, some yard work and maybe a nap.

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