Rainy Tuesday and sharing with a heavy heart

I didn’t share this part of Saturday, but we also used the truck to exchange a ladder for Sarah’s outdoor projects.

The parking lot you see is a few blocks from the school where a student and a teacher were killed yesterday A few blocks farther on is her home.

She knows people who work there and she has students who have relatives that were injured and killed yesterday.

The casualties were far greater than one teacher and one student.

When we shared the news about this with dear friends, they told us about a young football player in Chicago who was shot on a playground in one of the South Chicago neighborhoods.

I googled it and couldn’t find it because there was such a large number of youth killed last weekend in the Chicago area.

This is not a big city problem.

This is an American problem.

I am pro life. All life.

Prayers are needed, this is for sure. But among those prayers is asking God what practical things I can do to stop the violence towards our children and teachers and youth.

This is one of Joel’s blankets.

Every time he loves another hole in one of these, he sends it home with me to fix.

I don’t do a great job. I hold the frayed edges together and I don’t even worry if the thread matches. I fix it and take it back to him.

I don’t know how to fix the mess we have gotten ourselves into, but I will take it up and I will pray and whatever God gives me to do, I will do it.

Pray for the hurting and broken hearts all over St. Louis, Chicago, your own communities.

Pray for those who are rising up and speaking out.

Pray for our leaders to protect our children and families.

Pray for what you can do and then do it.

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