Monday <3


Did you watch the Super Bowl?

I kind of did. 

Maybe I am getting old, but I felt like I had to think too hard to figure out the commercials and it really wasn’t worth the effort so I didn’t. 

I kind of miss the days when the point of an ad was to persuade me I needed to purchase some M & M’s or order a pizza from a certain place, ASAP…. and not trying to get me to buy into a whole mind set and ideology that comes attached to the product. 

Let’s face it. 

I live in the middle of corn and soy bean country, work out my salvation with fear and trembling on the daily and have no regular contact with the celebrity energy that makes me a tad uncomfortable since I can’t understand most of what they are saying. 

So whatever they were advertising last night…I don’t think it was geared to me. 

And that’s okay because I am working on a knitting project that requires some concentration and there was nothing on the screen to distract me…including the game. 

Actually, most of our current culture and political decisions and popular themes are not geared to me and I do not plan to go out and start a campaign or develop a ribbon to put on the back of my car to make people aware of it. 

I wake up many mornings with a heavy heart for this nation and the direction we are headed and I pray. 

I pray hard for mercy. 

I pray hard for eyes to be opened and for wisdom in a world that is upside down. 

Remember how I confessed a sin of prayerlessness last week?

I realize it has taken awful things to get my attention. 

This is a pattern we see throughout Scripture. 

Things are good…people get comfortable…we start thinking the good stuff was all our doing…we forget God…He lets us have the control and power we think we are due…and we fall flat on our faces. 

Because we make lousy gods.

On Sunday after we took communion, the praise team sang the song “Remembrance”

With heads bowed in the soft lighting, our spirits filled and nourished with the bread and cup, I listened to the words. 

I will remember..and when I don’t…oh please remind me. 

In a noisy world where everyone is trying to get you to buy their agenda, there is One who reaches out with nail scarred hands and says…

Come to Me…you who are weary and burdened. 

Partner with Me and you will find strength for the journey and rest for your souls. 

Sounds super to me <3

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