Maybe Nike was on to something


Just checking in even though I’m writing and posting a bit late today. 

So funny because I have no idea who reads this and when you read it, but somewhere tonight my own better half will open his phone to check what I wrote and will say…you didn’t post today and well…I just can’t live with that so here you go <3

It’s not for lack of ideas that I don’t write…this morning I had five come to me rapid fire so I am picking the one that seems to stand out most – a quick thought to share and then… miles to go before I sleep…

Last year I honed in on a word to focus on for 2018 and that word was “simplify.”

I wasn’t sure what it meant since I tend to overcomplicate things (hence the word…) but as I would ponder it and pray about what God might be speaking to me through this word that is so not me, I gleaned some insights about it. 

I discovered ways I could employ the concept and apply it to remove a few self-erected road blocks in my day to day efforts to break the cycle of procrastination and frustration at lack of productivity that seems to plague me at times. 

One of the Aha! discoveries from the year was that one of our famous athletic wear companies packed a lot of helpful wisdom into those three words that are probably a trademark if I use them here so…to avoid a law suit for using them without approval, I will list them as:

  1. Just
  2. do
  3. it


That simple phrase has been instrumental in eliminating a bit of my over-thinking. 

Turns out a lot of times I make excuses to myself to avoid doing what needs to be done. 

So on days when I am noticing (please know there are days I do not notice but we are working on that) my waywardness to complete tasks, I write down what I am most going to regret not accomplishing when the sun sinks low and dinner needs to happen. 

I make myself focus on at least three to five things that if I actually got them done will make me feel like I accomplished something and then I apply #1 through 3 above to the first item on the list. 

It works for me. 

It is hard to make excuses and argue with that simple phrase…




An added trick I use for effectiveness depending on the length of the list is to set the timer for 20 minutes and move down through the list, cycling back so that each task gets the same amount of time. 

Surprisingly there are some items that are completed in 20…bonus! and I do make progress on all of them over the course of the day. 

Hope this helps if you struggle, or makes you laugh if you don’t. 

Have a great day! 

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  1. Love this! I’ll add a note as the “word nerd”
    Nike is a Greek word also found in the Bible. It means: victory, to overcome, to conquer. Needless to say, this is what you’ve done with your to-do list. Great advice!

    1. Haha!! Used “word nerd” today! Thank you for the illustration and meaning behind Nike…I love it <3

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