No thank you <3

Russ was telling me about an awkward moment recently when he plugged his phone into the car charger and some kind of awful song popped up on his radio screen. He had people from work in the car and he apologized and got rid of it.

We checked his phone and there was some album that had been downloaded to it..sure enough it was downloaded on mine too.

I googled it and found out that Apple had generously and unknowingly downloaded this to a random and rather large group of people who own iPhones.

We deleted them.

This weekend we had Russ’s sweet brother in our car…poor guy went to charge his phone and we were all treated to a revisit to this awkward moment.

He will delete it.

The world will always be more than happy to share free garbage with us.

Can we just politely say…

No thank you…

and delete it?

We do not have to accept everything that is being handed to us as a “free gift”.

Let’s use some of that wisdom and discernment that we were blessed with when we received Christ as our Mediator and start turning down the offers that would lead us away from Him <3

Be blessed today.

Follow your Shepherd.

Listen for His voice above the noise.


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