Not for a cause but be-cause

In the midst of packing today I stopped and read a couple of emails. One is from a woman I met at my first She Speaks conference several years ago. She has taken this year to read through the Bible and write a reflection each day based on her reading.


Today’s was about blessing our God…

with our words and our thoughts throughout each day.

She uses Psalm 34: 1-3 from The Amplified Bible in her text.

So in my own simple words…based on the passage <3


Bless the Lord.

Bless Him.

Bless His Name.

All day long.

Every day.


That my mouth and my heart would overflow with good things to say about Him.

To speak about Him inside my heart and out into this world.

And when I do this continually…

when I brag on God…

on who He is and all that He does…


If I would speak of His love and His kindness…

and tell of His mercy and His grace.

These are the words the world needs.

Not another ribbon or another platform.

Just the praises of our God and King <3


The wisdom of man will never solve the heart issues of this world.

And so today I pray:

Holy Spirit, assist me and give me the language to boast in the Lord Almighty.

Help me to declare all of His marvelous works and to lift up His name.

That all mankind would be drawn to Him <3

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  1. Yes! Lord let me declare ALL of your marvelous works and lift up your name so others will be drawn to you. That’s my desire this Christmas. Thanks Laura. God bless you.

    1. <3 Bless you Susan. You certainly are a testimony to these very words. So thankful to reconnect with you this year and to share in the joy of any time we can talk about the things of God together! May the Lord bless you and yours this Christmas with His Presence in the midst of all you do <3

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