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Of baby birds and empty nests and such <3


We had a sweet weekend. Traveled to Des Moines for a wedding on Russ’s side. So fun to watch him reconnect with his cousins. 

In the midst of the reception, it was bittersweet as I realized we are the generation that is left standing. 

All of our parents are gone and it sure puts you in touch with how fragile life is when you realize you know how the game ends. 

This morning we got a picture on our family What’s App from John showing his ankle wrapped in a bandage. 

Turns out last night he had a spill on his bike and through texts conversations with his sister, who we all turn to for medical help, he ended up going to Urgent Care and got stitches. 

First I heard of it was the pic this morning. 

And it’s odd to know that all of this happened while I went about my business last night of pulling the house together to start a new week and brushing my teeth and doing my stretches, completely out of the loop. 

But isn’t that what we want as parents?

That our children can take care of themselves and that they have each other to reach out to when and if needed?

I don’t feel hurt or rejected or ignored. 

I feel grateful for how God gently pried my hands off of them over the years.

I feel thankful that He continues to teach me how be the parent of adults. 

I don’t always get it right. 

But neither do they. 

Nor does any of us. 

That’s what grace is for. 

Grace leaves plenty of room for us to err on the side of love and lots of space for growth. 

Happy Monday….what are you learning about grace this week?

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