What’s bugging you?


We have had quite a summer.

Besides the erratic weather patterns that have ranged from cold and damp to hot and humid all sandwiched in between rain, rain and more rain, we have had more travel than usual and are experiencing the beginning of many a year of summers with a calendar packed full of ball games like in the old days of our own three young’uns.

I had forgotten how delicious concession stand popcorn and sour punch straws are. 

At the end of May I mapped out some goals for June, but as I look at the date this morning I realize I am having to release a sense of unmet expectations. 

I don’t do this easily, as my people who are closest to me are painfully aware of. 

I wish I was more flexible and easy going, but I function better when things go as expected.

Which happens rarely in life, or had you noticed…

This morning as I was trying to dry my hair and get ready, a huge fly appeared in the bathroom and began buzzing about.

It didn’t seem to like the confined area of the bathroom we were sharing and somewhat like a fighter jet, it zoomed around the room with it’s odd whirring. I got a towel hand so I could swat it when it landed.

We have all dealt with flies and so you can guess that this clever pest would only land in impossible to swat places. 

Every time the room became quiet, I would search for the tiny intruder and find him wedged between bottles of lotion or underneath the rim of the shower door. 

Satan is called the Lord of the flies and I certainly don’t have to ponder much to think why he would be given that title. 

This fly had no power to harm me and yet he was destroying my morning with his incessant dive bombing around my head.

He seemed to know exactly how to irritate me and lure me into thinking I could stop him only to cleverly escape time and again. 

Flies don’t really bite me and I have much more working to my advantage than a small black bug that I can squash with a piece of mesh stuck to a stick…but he certainly wreaked havoc on my mood as I tried to get ready. 

It took a great deal of effort on my part to just ignore him and complete what I had set out to do. 

Satan is evil and he is the motivator behind all that is evil in this world.

He hates God and so he harasses and abuses His children because as any parent knows…if you really want to hurt someone, go after their son or daughter. 

But he is smoke and mirrors. 

He has no power that is not under the power of God and nothing he hurls at us can remove us from God’s love, care and purpose for us. 

So if he is bugging you today, stop focusing on his distracting nastiness. Spend your mental energy on meditating on the greatness of your God, not on the peskiness of your nemesis. 

Blessings <3 

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