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Of yokes and leashes and such <3

I was reading in 1 Corinthians this morning as part of a devotional series.

About authority and coming under it and how prone we are to resist it and I thought of our Mitzi…best dog ever, she was.

Long prayed for, she came into our home despite Russ’s reservations about a pet.

I walked her a lot in those first few years to burn off as much puppy energy/naughtiness as I could.

Whatever the genetic mixture was that ran through her sweet veins, somewhere in there was a breed that’s prone to wander.

Although I was always leading in a straight forward manner, Mitzi would be walking in a 125 degree angle to me (google it, I did) with her head pulling the full extent of the leash away from my body.

It was exhausting and, as she grew bigger and stronger, downright painful.

Our vet suggested a cinch collar, which he graciously demonstrated on my arm, caused no pain…but just a kind of restriction that was irritating.

The first few walks, she would yelp like crazy every time her head would veer off track.

Which was often.

I was not pulling on her, she was straining against me.

But in due time, she complied to our straight forward progress and our walks became very pleasant.

In fact, she began walking so closely to me that the side of her body would rest slightly against my thigh.

Which would prove awkward if I decided to make a turn to the left without much warning….but that story is for another day …. about pride going before the fall and such…

We walked miles together over the years, unhindered by the drag of her wayward ways.

I have felt that strain of obedience on my own neck over the years.

Times when I knew what I should or could or was probably expected to do…and what good I was capable of…only to feel an irritation in my heart as I strained against the whole idea of it.

My natural stubbornness has tangibly tightened around my neck and I can feel myself pulling hard against some unidentified power that seems to want to usurp my independence.

This usually comes in the form of the need or request or interruption of some real-live human being or situation in my sphere of influence…

can be someone close to me…

or something in my daily living that I have to deal with…

some quirk in them that means I have to become more flexible.

And like a head-strong pup, I dig in my heels and pull hard against that outside authority.

But as I have matured, hopefully, in this journey; I have begun to recognize that all of my rebellion is against God.

Every time I feel that urge to break away from some unseen, unknown restraint and run wild…that is me thinking I know more than the One who made me.

(And let’s not over-think this…I know that sin can also hold a tight grip and pull us in the wrong direction…but I am speaking here of those times when we know deep in our hearts we are rebelling because of our own selfish bent!)

I think of Saul when he was struck blind so he could see in Acts 26:14…and how the Lord speaks to him of “kicking against the goads”…

or perhaps…

pulling against the leash, straining hard to run wild away from the Hand of your Master?

I am learning.

A work in progress, but making progress.

When life circumstances or people’s needs interrupt my set plans, I am learning to identify that inner struggle as me…fighting instead of yielding.

If I want to walk with Him-who-knows-the-way….

I want to do so pressed against His thigh so closely that if He makes a sudden turn…

He will have to trip over me <3

Blessed and somewhat sweet thought..isn’t it ….

I hope we would sense the nearness of each other today as we hug close to Him together on the journey.

Be blessed this weekend with the power of His Presence.

You are loved, little pup of God….loved much  <3


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