Ok…super quick one <3

So our dining room table has been turned into Mission Trip 2018 headquarters.

There are stacks of clothing and supplies for things we were asked to take for the mission activities….and assorted toiletries and meds and, don’t ask me why, numerous empty plastic bags from stores because … who knows…we might need plastic bags, right?

Russ and I are signed up to go with the youth missions team to Cuba.

And true to Reimer form, we will literally leave from work to join the team. Maybe.

We may actually be about 20 minutes behind them.

Which is more my style than Russ’s.

But that’s ok.

So I am a little stressed.

And this morning I poured my heart into my journal and wrote how I have never felt so unprepared physically, emotionally or spiritually for any trip; let alone a mission trip.

After the pouring out, I texted a young friend because she is on my list of people to contact and explain why I fell off the radar this week and how we will make plans to meet when we return … and by the way, would she please pray for me.

Because today is my full day with the yahoos…and…

they do keep a girl busy…

She replied she would be praying.

And then I sat down and opened my devotions and the one for today was about…

a woman who went on a mission trip and felt unprepared.

How she was concerned if God would use her and about the details.

About how God showed up … all along the way…all the places she saw His hand.

And I marveled again for the ten zillionth time how personal God is and how much He loves us.

Because this trip was originally scheduled a month from now.

But this particular devotion was written by someone, and randomly placed in a devotional book that a dear sister/friend purchased for me for Christmas.

And so this morning, it was as if God heard my prayer…and had the response ready.

It gets better.

I texted a picture right away to that young mom, who excitedly shared that she couldn’t wait for her brood to wake up so she could share a wonderful story with them of what God had done in my life.

Do you see the thread of faith?

Woven when we honestly tell God our needs and then wait in expectation.

The tapestry of faith…across miles and generations.

What is your need today?

Tell Him.

He cares.

He loves.

He will meet you.

Wait and hope in the LORD <3

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