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Only Day 3 and I am already slow to the gate <3

So here is what the start of 2018 is looking like in these parts.

Along with ….

Yes…it’s starting to go make the trip back to the green tubs in the basement.

And I need to actually get ready to go out and be productive in the world today, so just a quick thought to share and then it’s go-time.

I am borrowing Russ’s Chronological Bible this year and attempting a full read-through. It’s been a few years since I did this and I am looking forward to the daily discipline.

As I begin in Genesis, I marvel that these passages never get old and each time I read them, I glean something new.

On the third day’s section, I find the narrative of the nations forming and it is as relevant as today’s headlines.

Adding the past multi-month study from our Sunday School class on a series that began as an attempt to understand better the conflicts and countries of the Middle East, I am impressed as always that the stories of today are grounded firmly in the story of God and His Hand in all things.

What are you doing this year to draw closer to Him? How will you plan to make connections with His Word in order to be changed and transformed in 2018?

Talk to your friends and your family about it.

Be intentional in choosing to carve out time each day to get to know the God of history and the God of YOUR story <3

And by all means…share with me, too.

Have a blessed Wednesday and keep W.A.R.M. <3


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  1. The One Year Bible – I failed the last time I started it but I intend on being successful this year. Also, our church will be starting a three week time of prayer and fasting, so I’m looking forward to that. Happy New Year to you and your family. BTW, Russ did a great job with his guest blog! I can’t tell you how relatable your story is – but Terry is much taller than me so his meds are safely out of my reach. Good thing!

    1. Maybe we can hold each other accountable on that reading!! Love hearing how people are purposely making choices to cultivate spiritual growth! I may have to have him write more often! <3 Thanks Susan

  2. Hi, Laura! I’m using the app from The Bible Project to read through the Bible this year. I love their videos. I think you have used this at FCC. I have also decided to use Spurgeon’s Morning And Evening. Couple of other things to try to get my attitude readjusted. I wish you, Russ and your entire family a huge blessing from our Lord in 2018

    1. Oh Susan – I love those drawings from the Bible Project – we have used in our class and yes, in sermons – so helpful!! I am such a picture person. Also Spurgeon…LOVE LOVE his writings and thoughts! Girl you have a good track to be on for 2018!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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