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I started Esther on Sunday morning. The reading plan I am using this year covers about 3 chapters a day.

And right in the middle of these familiar passages, because I love the book of Esther and have been known to read it just to read it….I found something I don’t think I have ever seen before.


In Chapter 2, verse 11; God tells us that after Esther was taken into the palace along with “many” young women, all being groomed as potential Queen replacement….Mordecai went every day and paced outside the women’s quarters…to find out her welfare and what was happening to her.

She had been swept up by the culture, taken away from the godly protection of her loving uncle, a victim of the times and whims of those in power….

and Mordecai did the only thing he could do….he paced, he watched, and I am quite certain….he prayed.

I can relate.

Many days I pace….sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively.

I check social media…I check my phone…I check news feeds…..to find out the welfare of our precious ones…to find out what’s happening to them…

and I pray.

And the same God that watched over Esther….

and Mordecai…..

The same God that used Esther in the most unholy of places and circumstances to save His people….

the same God that moved Mordecai into a position of replacing the enemy….

the same God that moved on the heart of a pagan king….

is the same God today.

I am so very thankful….

He knows…

He hears….

He understands…

and I believe….

He answers <3


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