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Who’s side are you on?

We live in an age where all of us are invited to weigh in on any and all issues. Whether we have a “dog in the fight” or not, our opinions and thoughts are thrown out into the public arena where they are argued, debated and dissected.

Talking heads on the news, in the media, and on social networking; all shouting or reasoning. Everyone invited to become a voice and then to have that voice shouted down by other voices.

As I look at the last chapters of the Book of Esther, I see a time of great upheaval in the citadel of Susa. A man named Haman had gotten offended because a Jew named Mordecai wouldn’t bow down to him and pay him homage.

Mordecai, being a Jew, could only bow to Jehovah.

And so he bucked the system rather than disobey his Supreme Authority.

Haman concocted a plan to wipe out not only Mordecai but all Jews. He failed to take into account that God had promised to protect the Jews and had already placed one of His own in a position of proximity right inside the palace.

Haman did succeed in coercing the King into signing a death sentence, but God worked through Queen Esther to bring the evil of this scheme to light.

King Xerxes had to remain within the laws of his own land, even as he realized the tragedy of his foolish alliance with one like Haman.

And as a result, he empowered the Jews to be able to defend themselves.

All of this was because Esther and Mordecai were on God’s side.

It wasn’t them asking God to be on their side: they were on HIS side.

It doesn’t matter what we think or how right we think WE are.

It matters that we know what God thinks and that we align ourselves with Him.

So…….”Who’s side are you on?”

It is only through prayer and meditation on His Word, agreeing with Him and obeying His commands, and aligning ourselves with His agenda, not our own, that enables us to answer…

“I am on the Lord’s side.”

May God bless you with godly wisdom and discernment as you sort through the conflicts you face in your home, workplace, ministry, community and world. I pray God would give you supernatural knowledge to know where the Lord stands and to have the courage to stand with Him <3

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