Pondering on Nehemiah and others who served faithfully where they were placed….

As I have been studying Nehemiah with our church family, I came upon a passage in one of my devotions this morning about Daniel and the Lion’s Den.

Daniel and Nehemiah both served in high positions for pagan kings.

Both men seemed to have gained the respect of these leaders of what we might call ungodly nations.

Both men seemed to have respect for and allegiance to the service they gave these kings.

Both men also held fast to their faith and placed their God above the kings, yet managed to serve without controversy or constant conflict.

Something to think about, isn’t it?

They served pagan kings faithfully without compromising their faith in God, always placing allegiance to God above all else. Not loudly living their faith, but willing to die before they would abandon it.

Interesting to ponder.

If you are curious, perhaps a visit to Nehemiah 1 and 2, Daniel 6, Daniel 3 and the book of Esther might do your heart good <3

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