Psalm 90

In my own words from meditation this morning on Psalm 90, unplugged…unedited…

<3       In every generation and before time on earth even began, until long after the end of all things — You are God. In every generation, those who know You have made their home in You and now, You in us.                (1-2)

<3       You have always allowed us to see the end result of sin – it is death through separation from You. And in every generation, You have cried out for us to return to You — our Home.      (3)

<3       Time has no meaning for You. While time takes its toll on all living things, You remain the same. Yesterday. Today. Forever. You are our Constant in the midst of fading years, decaying bodies, deteriorating minds .              (4-6)

<3       In Your Presence, the truth of our sins and sin nature are exposed and we see our iniquity in the Light of Your Holiness. There is no defense we can offer as we stand exposed to what we are in light of the Perfection of Who You are.           (7-8)

<3       Suddenly, all of our labors and boastings and justifications and self-worship are shown to be what they are. Nothingness. We have provoked You to anger and we are laid bare before Your Righteous Judgment.              (9-11)

<3       Teach us, O Lord, in light of this truth, to move through each day with a fresh awareness of Your Sovereignty, Your Mercy, Your Grace….and our GREAT need of YOU. Give to us Your WISDOM to live each moment in Your Presence – to bring Glory and Honor to Your Name.             (12)

<3       Come back to us, O God. Have compassion on us for we are poor and needy. Give us a sense of Your Presence. Fill our hearts with repentance that we might know Your Mercy again. That we would rejoice and be filled with Joy in knowing you again, through restoration and wholeness in You.        (13-14)

<3       Let us, O God, be joyful and thankful and reverent in these years of suffering. We acknowledge that much of our grief is the result of our own sin. But let us rejoice in the  loving embrace You have given to our repentant souls. Not only for us, O God, but for our children, our offspring, the generations coming behind us. For these, O God, we raise our cry – Have MERCY! Show to us and to them Your Glory through Your Son, Jesus Christ.       (15-16)

<3       Let Your Beauty rest on us, Your people. Let Your Beauty be clearly displayed in us, Your people, O God. In us and in our children and their children. Father, take the things we do, and establish Your Kingdom in the ways we serve You. Establish our works to flow from lives that are redeemed, from hearts that rejoice in Your transforming work in us. Let our works declare Your goodness, Your Mercy, Your Grace, Your Salvation. Let us reflect Your Glory, Lord, as You restore us and settle us and establish us. Establish Your Kingdom IN us and THROUGH us.           (17)

Amen <3

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