Where’s the marker?

My sister taught me to knit when I was a kid.

It came in handy when I saw the Knit a Square group at my church one night and thought…now this is a multigenerational group of beauties I want to get to hang out with….  (see post “From generation to generation” February 12, 2014/Empty Nest)

Now I want to grow in my new hobby, so a friend offered to help me with some lessons.

The first one (after correcting a very bad casting on technique), was how to add on a stitch.

The day of the lesson, we only had one ball of yarn, so the marker was the same color.


Not a good idea.

At all.

Hard to tell where the dividing line is.

Easy to knit the marker right into the pattern.

She told me I would want to switch to a different color, ASAP.


I found the whole thing a cinch once I made the change.

And that’s how it is with my walk.

If my behavior blends in with the world, well….my life starts getting knotted up.

I can’t tell where the dividing line of change is supposed to be.

I don’t grow, because it’s hard to tell where growth is needed when me and what I do looks pretty much like everything out there.

Scripture is my marker.

So is quiet time with God.

Mine happens first thing in the morning.

I’m too prone to wander and blend if I don’t set my marker early in the day.

What’s your marker?

What’s your distinguishing line that sets you and your day apart for Him?


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  1. Great post! You just never know what God will reveal when you just keep knitting away! I’m always amazed how one string can make so many different beautiful designs when you follow the pattern correctly. God does that with us when we follow Him. He makes His body of followers different but beautiful in their own way. Even when we have a mistake in our pattern we can adjust to get it back on track. God does that with us too.

    1. Beautifully said!!! It is a great picture of how He knit our body together and then knit us together in the Body!! Thank you!!

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