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Questions I don’t like to have to answer….

IMG_2121Psalm 37:1 has come to mind recently….although I had to look it up by googling “envying those who do wrong”…

In case you are like me and have not memorized the passage, let me enlighten you…

Do not fret when wicked men seem to succeed! Do not envy evil doers! NET Bible

On a good day, if you are like me, you would say…well…of course I don’t envy those who do wrong. I don’t want to do wrong, so why on earth would I envy them. Because when I am reading through my Bible with a cup of coffee nearby, sitting at our nice safe kitchen table, the last thing on my mind would be to envy someone who is doing wrong.

But then, I find myself out in the world…say….driving somewhere across town. Going the speed limit, beginning to accelerate gradually to the upcoming change from 35-50 mph….and another car or truck roars around me. Swerving wide, it slips between the cars in the other lane that are doing what I am doing…and with engines blasting careens on ahead of all of us.

As I watch it weave in and out of traffic, boldly blowing through the yellow light that turns red over his windshield…what do you think I am thinking?

Maybe wishing a radar gun is up there in the next block so he gets what’s coming to him?


and you know what?

As my heart pounds with adrenaline and I fight back the inane comments that are brewing up out of my mouth….that’s when Psalm 37:1 all of a sudden makes a comeback in my memory.

All that anger and resentment that are rising up in me are really just fruit of envy because someone who is rude and careless and driving too fast just got away with it. Again.

In fact, a lot of my soap box spouting about all kinds of issues are really just a flimsy cover for  a heart that is fretting because evil doers, those who disregard God and His ways, seem to be getting away with it.

And basically, I have to answer the question…

Laura, are you fretting because of this?

Are you steaming and fuming and, in a strange twisted way thinking they are in a better position by disobeying God?


So then If I have been told NOT to fret….not to envy…hmmm….I become one who is disobedient…(hashtag) wicked…

Wicked because it shows doubt in not only the goodness of God, but also His Sovereignty. It shows a complete lack of understanding of who He is, and that final judgment will always be in His hands and will be righteous and just and true.

Which leaves me realizing what a great need I have for grace and mercy.

And when I recognize my own need, it becomes much easier to have a heart that is tender for those who are doing wrong…to pray for them…to not judge them…to not be angry with them….to not fret…or envy….because I know….

it is God, and only God, at work in any of us that brings us to the place to WANT TO and TO DO that which is pleasing to Him. Philippians 2:13

May God open our eyes to see the places where we can fool ourselves into settling for less than all He has for us <3




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    1. We have to keep encouraging one another as believers to apply the Word…painful as it can be so often…love you dear one!

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