Random reflections on this social media fast <3


I was thinking today maybe we should just have some randoms of observations from this social media fast. It would seem a waste to learn things and not pass along so here we go with a few that come to mind, and then we are out of here and headed to cheer on the kiddo’s high school basketball team that is in the play offs today for the state championship…woot!!

Random #1

I am so thankful that early on in this journey to Lent we had a great sermon about fasting and prayer. I mentioned in an earlier post that Pastor Jonathan shared the idea that we can fast from one thing, yet find a substitute that suffices and yet still keeps us from using the fast to grow closer to God. 

Jonathan’s example was giving up chocolate one year for Lent, but he found a candy substitute that doesn’t have chocolate while satisfying the absence of it. 

As this sermon convicted me, I realized that I was still picking up my phone for “connection” by reading emails, searching things on google or just texting and hoping to hear back quickly. 

I realized that the absence of social media had been intended to use time I would normally spend catching up on other people’s posts to read intentionally from Scripture, pray and meditate on writings that expand my knowledge and understanding of who God is. 

Random #2

This doesn’t happen without planning. 

The reason I fill my time with scrolling posts about cooking, humorous memes, other people’s vacation photos, etc is because social media actively and successfully provides a constant source of new information. 

It is always available and the powers that be in the area of logarithms makes sure I have access to a continual source of what interests me. They call it a “feed” for a reason. 

So I have been intentional about setting out “feeds” around the house. 

In addition to my morning materials, I set a booklet called “Portals of Prayer” that is the Lutheran version of Our Daily Bread, plus a focused prayer book, next to a chair in our living room.

This has given me the habit to sit down in the afternoon at some point and read the Scriptures and daily meditation from the Portals booklet as well as take some time to pray through some of the prayers in the other book. 

Written prayers help me to focus on and expand my own personal prayers. 

I am also being intentional about taking a book with me that is growing me in my understanding when we are headed north. Instead of reaching for my phone, I am reading and underlining and praying through those thoughts that are fueled by more Scripture. 

Random #3

All of this is better use of my mind and time, however, I have realized that much of what I know about world events was gleaned through others posting on social media. I am not one to turn on the news and I don’t have daily access to a newspaper – which when we did, I rarely read. 

I became aware this week that while I don’t need to know every single thing going on around the world and in other people’s lives, I do need to know some things. 

I have begun to check the local news website for top stories and my poor husband who faithfully reads the news has had to endure me informing him of things he already knows about. 

Random #4 

This knowing about others also happens on a personal level and since I don’t know what is going on in friend’s lives through their posts, I have been better about checking  on them. 

When I see something on a walk or we have a fun thing happen and I take a picture, instead of posting on social media I think more sincerely if there is a person or two I should share that with. 

If someone comes to mind, I send it to just them. 

I realize that we have a need to share our lives and experiences and social media is a way we can do that. It is not always a bad thing, but maybe I can be more thoughtful in who I am sharing with and why I do it in the future. 

Random #5

I miss promoting small businesses. 

Our local entrepreneurs and podcasters rely on the sharing of their material and I miss being a cheerleader for them. 

Okay..that’s all for today…gotta go!

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