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PC/Rachel – a still from a video she sent of our little mermaid coming up out of the water <3

Hello and happy Friday!

I have this thought that keeps bouncing around to share and I am not sure what God might speak to any one of you from it. Perhaps it is just a cute story and will make you smile or maybe God has tucked a specific word into it for someone. 

Yesterday we attended a basketball game in the arena at University of Illinois. As with all sporting events, after both teams had assembled to the floor, we were asked to stand for the singing of the National Anthem. 

Caroline climbed on to the seat next to me and put her hand to her heart after getting my input that she had the correct hand over her chest. And then she did this thing that tickles us all this past basketball season. 

She tucked her other arm back behind her waist and stood at full attention. While she had asked me where the flag was, her eyes were first riveted on the cheerleaders to make sure she had indeed positioned her arms correctly.

Yes, our sweet Caroline has noticed the cheerleaders this year and while she faithfully practices the claps and has mastered quite a few of them, she swears up and down she has not interest in being one. 

We shall see. 

But for now my thought is this. 

The girls caught her eye more than the basketball players and as a result she has learned by watching and imitation. 

It makes me think about myself and who I watch and who I imitate. 

It also makes me think about my activities as I live in view of Caroline, her brothers and others who I may not even know are watching me and may at some point imitate me.

And here is the guts of it. 

In my heart of hearts, I would hope that I am imitating Christ and living in a way that models His character and nature. This season of Lent is a time for us to spend extra time reflecting on Jesus and who He was, is and will always be. 

Caroline studied the actions of the cheerleaders so she can do the things they do. Let’s study Jesus with the same intent and purpose.

Have a blessed day and keep your pompoms up and ready <3

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