Randoms…hope I made the deadline for posting!


Hey all! 

It’s actually blowing snow around outside which is kind of losing its charm a little…but oh well…

So here are some random thoughts for our Wednesday meet up <3


We finished our all church study of Unhindered this past Sunday, and I am going to say it again…this was a good one. 

The sermons, the book and the extra handouts were all very helpful and have given us much to ponder. 

When I was forty, I looked at people my current age and thought how great it would be to have it all figured out..yeah, no. That’s not how it works. 

The study concludes with what I have learned over and over and why this blog is called Journey Onward. We are all works in progress. 

If you have never taken the time to read the tabs at the top of this website, please do so. It is a step by step journey, as we navigate life on planet earth. 



Last night I couldn’t sleep, again and after I had prayed through everything I could think of, I just got up and worked through a stack of recipes I have piled on the kitchen counter. 

It seems I have a tendency to print off or cut out more recipes than we actually have meals left to eat in the years ahead. 

Anybody else?

And then after you read through them a couple of times and see things like “smash the chicken into 1/8” cutlets” and ingredients that you just know the local market does not carry….they go in the trash? 

That would be me. 

The irony is I also have a collection of wonderful cookbooks so its not like I need all this extra stash, but hey…I see no end in sight for me as I recently started following yet another cooking blogger on social media. 


The book I am trying frantically to finish by the end of the month so I can say I read it is messing with my head. 

Surprised by Hope by N. T. Wright is all about how we may have misrepresented heaven as being some far off place. Using Scripture, he shows how when Jesus returns it won’t be to take us off somewhere but to bring a new heaven and new earth right here. 

I guess I KNOW this…but I am realizing how I have also carried this idea of some kind of ethereal place up above the sky where God’s Kingdom is happening and how we will go there. 

His teachings are causing me to take a fresh look at the language I use about heaven and the understanding of how this life matters. We aren’t just passing time here while we wait for eternity. 

Be prepared for more thoughts regarding this interesting book. 


This picture pretty much sums up a day with Papi. 

He never needs a lot of space to entertain the crowd. 

You can understand why if I am the first one in the door, the greeting goes …

Oh hey Lola…is Papi here?


Anybody else getting the spring cleaning bug? 

Here is the idea I am working on for this project. 

Take a clipboard from room to room and identify one or two areas that every time I do the weekly cleaning I think I should come back to for a deeper work. 

Case in point, I have a double stacked tray (like most people would serve pretty desserts on…) by the sink in our bathroom. It holds some extra wash cloths, oils and more oils. Every week I think I should empty the contents and give it a good scrub. 

So the plan is to consciously note all those hot spots and go back in March with a concentrated effort to purge and clean and organize a few areas per room….

Hopefully telling you will provide me some level of accountability. 

What’s your plan? 

Let me know…cause I am a Home Ec nerd for sure. 

Blessings and happy Wednesday!

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  1. You’re the cats meow! I wonder where Heaven is too. Didn’t Jesus say somewhere that the Kingdom of heaven is near? More stuff to think about.

    1. Thank you! You are spot on with the N. T. Wright book! He uses the Scriptures to verify that very thing.

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