Randoms on a Rainy Wednesday <3


It’s raining on the prairie today and I look like a drowned rat after running a bunch of errands. 

Thankful this is a blog and not a video…sigh.

Seems a perfect day for randoms so here we go friends:

Random #1


I started 1 Kings today and it hits me fresh as I read about King David in his last days. He was an old man. The verses I read today I have read before and so strange. He couldn’t keep warm. He is frail and eventually he dies. 

All the giants slain, the battles won, the mistakes made and the good things he did have led to this final goodbye. 

A reminder that all things on earth wear out eventually. Even mighty kings and warriors grow tired and weary. 

Puts me in mind of why I love that Scripture about how God doesn’t wear out. 

“Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth does not become weary or tired. His understanding is unsearchable. He gives strength to the weary, and to the one who lacks might He increases power.”

Isaiah 40: 28-29 NASB

Which leads me to…

Random #2


We get tired and weary off and on before we end this journey like David did. 

Cares can weigh heavy on us so I want to share a wonderful sermon from John’s church in Austin last Sunday. 

Here is the link… Pausehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fpg7vlX9qU&list=PLiGEoqpvR0Wn6GjCJuVCogvzLioLIc74S

And as a head’s up, I probably will be doing a summary of my notes on Friday…but it is a definite listen for you all. 

Random #3

Yesterday we had imported help after school because Tia and Jack took a day of their Spring Break to come and be a part of the homework, sports drop offs and bedtime prep. 

Not only was it a huge help monitoring four different homework projects, it was just fun to be together. 

It filled my cup that they actually wanted to be a part of a day in the life of these little guys. 

Random #4


After our helpers headed home following a few rousing games of UNO Mario and Slamwich, we hung around while the last soccer player was retrieved from practice and more homework projects were tweaked with mom’s help. 

I read to Joel and Caroline who were bathed and sleepy. After we finished some books, they wanted a story so I drug up one about my family when I was little. I told them about my dad buying a trailer that was very small and how my sister and I had to sleep in a bunk style bed in the front. 

This began a rabbit trail I had not intended. My focus of the story was supposed to be the trailer, but I forgot these guys have never met my sister. As with other families, we have moved beyond never being close to now having no communication. 

So it was that Sweet Caroline stopped the story short and wanted to know my sister’s name. I told her and then she asked where she is. And I had to choke out the fact that I don’t know where she is. She moved and I don’t have her address anymore. 

Tiredness (like the bit above) left me unguarded and some tears snuck out. Joel had reminded her a few minutes before that Lola’s mom and dad are in heaven and as I sat with those warm, clean little people on either side of me I was overcome with the blessing and the hard of family. 

Caroline twisted her face around to look me full in my leaking eyes and her own eyes brimmed up. She laid her head into my shoulder and sighed and whispered one short phrase….it’s so sad. 


It is. 

And while I was sorry I had suddenly burdened her, I learned a valuable lesson from her. She just sat there quietly resting her head on me for a while and then she said maybe Joel and her could tell me a story. I think she wanted to do something nice for me.

She proceeded to tell me a memory of a camping trip they had taken with their family and other grandparents. At first she thought Papi and I had been there too but Joel corrected her and they were so cute telling me things they remembered and they did indeed cheer me up. 

From this little peanut I realized the benefit it is when someone tells you something sad to just cry with them and not try to fix it or explain it. Just say it is so sad and be close with that one who is hurting in the moment.

Perhaps after you have just entered into the sorrow with your friend or family member for a while, you will find a way to carry a bit of the load for them for a while as Caroline did with her own story telling. 

Jesus was right about becoming like children. He is smart that way <3

Random #5


Families and friends and relationships are sometimes complicated. 

While they bring us great joy, sometimes they are just difficult to navigate.

To grow over the years takes effort and intentionality.

They are worth the trouble and work. 

I am so thankful for the ones who come alongside me. 

I am so thankful for the family and friends who have come and gone and stayed over the years.

I am thankful for you who stop by to hear what I have to say.

And I am thankful for God who placed me in all these different relationships and who loves all of us and cares so deeply for us <3

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