Reflecting and Evaluating

As surely as we put up the tree, decorated the porch, sent the cards, wrapped and opened the gifts, attended Christmas Eve, did the Advent wreath, etc, etc, etc….. (fill in your traditions)….. we are now most likely in two modes. We are remembering the year in some fashion and looking ahead to what 2014 might bring.

A few of my looking back thoughts and reflections include:

<3 An intense and profound gratitude to God (and a lingering “What the heck was going on with all that? And please, oh please, help us to learn what You had for us!!”) for a twice canceled, and surely unnecessary, surgery on our son’s back this year. For those of you who prayed for him, he is experiencing a gradual healing.  We see him doing things he was unable to do this summer, and truly are believing God for his complete healing in the coming the year. And when God does a COMPLETE healing!!! Well, we are grinning in expectation!

<3 For the support and love of Russ to send me to a writer’s conference and encouraging me to take the next step in this journey. For believing in me and for me and seeing something I dream of, but can’t imagine could happen.

<3 For the help of a friend to set up this blog and for the faithfulness of God to speak through my life and experience and wacky perspective in a way that I hope touches and encourages others for Him.

<3 Healing in my own foot so that I can actually walk, and (oh my goodness!!) run, pain-free.

<3 For allowing me to watch God raise up three amazing godly women to be leaders in a new ministry at our church that is drawing women from all generations to minister to the particular needs of single moms.

<3 To watch so many of our friends walk through incredibly difficult trials and hold forth the Word of Life. To see them reach out and grab God’s hand when they were going down and to see them rise and proclaim the goodness of our God and power of His Word, time and again. You have inspired me and strengthened my faith!

<3 To have had so many moments with our family. Times to hug and to laugh and to just be together. My dear husband/best friend, three beautiful children, two precious son-in-laws, and two DELIGHTFUL grandchildren. (And the three dogs and turtle we get to visit)

<3 Fellowship with old friends, and making new friends.

<3 For the privilege of being allowed to teach adults at our church and to have a way to speak encouragement to others in the body of Christ.

There are so many more. God has been faithful every day of 2013.

I pray you are counting the ways of His faithfulness and giving thanks to Him for His goodness through every bumpy portion and every smooth stretch of the journey of 2013!

                     You crown the year with a bountiful harvest; even the hard pathways overflow with                                                                                     abundance.      Psalm 65:11 NLT

May God bless you with eyes to see His love for you and for all whom you love <3

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