What color is the day after Christmas?

There was a lot of hoopla about the stores opening on Thanksgiving day this year and the extended hours of some establishments that went into the realm of ridiculous. Did anyone get bothered when they opened their email on Christmas DAY to a round of extreme savings from all manner of retailers??

We are a funny bunch, aren’t we?

We save like crazy from Black Friday through the Christmas Eve specials and with only one day to rest our charge cards, we are back out for the after Christmas markdowns!

With all the money we are saving, you would think we would be much farther ahead financially, right? =0)

I have a retail job, so hitting the stores is not really an appealing option for me no matter how great the savings. No, for me, the week between Christmas and New Year is a time of reflection on the past year and a growing desire to purge and clean. This only happens a couple of times each year, so I try to seize the moment with gusto.

This time of year,  you will find my husband and me digging through papers, going through drawers and closets and vowing that this year is going to be different. Don’t worry. It won’t last and we won’t get too carried away. So if you find that you are throwing a luau birthday party this year, we still have the lei’s, flowered party plates and fake coconut cups somewhere in a box in the basement. Just give me a day or two to find it!

What characterizes your week between Christmas and New Year?

Enjoy it, whatever it is!

Bless you as you relax, reflect and r-anticipate the coming year!


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    1. well….you will love how it came about. I asked Dad for a word that meant looking forward to something and started with and R….and he came back with that.

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