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I just looked back over the last post of 2013…and it seems like waaaay longer ago than one year has passed since I wrote that.

It has been a year full of new doors opening; prayers answered in unexpected ways; growth in some areas and waiting in others.

We have deepened some relationships, added new friends and said good bye to some dear souls.

We have hopes ahead for the year to come, an expectation for what God has planned, and a wondering of what we may yet walk through.



But we know…He is faithful.


God has brought us thus far, and He will lead us into what lies ahead.

I pray you are blessed with sweet memories of this past year. That if it has been a hard one, the Lord will bless you in 2015 with rest and refreshing.

I pray that He will answer the cries of your heart and that seeds sown over the years will bear much fruit in 2015.

I am thankful to share the journey with each of you.

God bless you and yours in 2015….



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