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HaPpY NeW YeAr!!!


Happy New Year!

Last week, we decided to update my cell phone. Our Rachel had already warned me about the hype that would come with the offer. So I was somewhat prepared.

Until the sales rep offered me the option of a free iPad tablet. For an additional $10 a month. I guess I had been on high alert through the whole sales process until she threw that one at me.

We stood there for a minute considering the proposition. Why not? It’s free, right? Cause that’s what she stood across the counter telling me.

But then a still, small voice began to cut through the fog…and I could kind of see these blinking red lights…

For an EXTRA ten dollars a MONTH…you can get a FREE iPad tablet….

Wait a minute.

So I asked her…how is that free? If I pay an extra $10 a month for 30 months, won’t I be paying $300.

She smiled brightly and nodded in agreement and then actually said… No…

because it will be a discount….

Which last time I checked, isn’t the same as free.

There’s a whole lot of offers out there in the world that are less obviously a bad choice than this one.

I didn’t push my point (it may have helped that both Russ and John were standing by!), but I opted to not take advantage of the “free” offer.

God calls us to be alert. Watchful.

Yes, we are called to be humble and grace filled, but being a follower of Christ doesn’t make you naive.

Don’t let the gimmicks of this world system get the better of you.

I am reminded of the passage in Matthew 10:16 where Jesus instructs his followers that they are sheep amongst wolves…and to be as wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

A paradox…to have the craftiness of a snake, but the gentle demeanor of the dove.

Only with God’s help can we walk this fine line as we maneuver amongst the deceptions of this world.

May God bless you and yours as you enter into 2015, equipped and empowered by His Word!

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