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In the Storms of Life reposted from April 27, 2015 <3


It just seems like a good day to share something I wrote many years ago. For a very long time I kept it on the fridge as a daily reminder. But in a cleanup in January it got moved to the inside pantry door, where at just the right times I see it and am reminded….

When the waves are crashing and the sea is wild with fury. When the little boat of my life is tossed and threatened by the storm and I look for Jesus and see Him sleeping; I pray that I will remember to just lay down next to Him. If that is His posture in the midst of the violent storms, I want to be like Him. Who am I to think He needs to be notified? I will rest in Him.

May God bless you with the peace of His presence in the midst of the turmoils and storms of life <3

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