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Resources as we head into 2023 Day 4 RANDOMS…


Hey and welcome or hey and welcome back…

This week I am sharing some resources that I find or have found helpful in the nourishing of spirit and soul during daily life. As I typed the title up there, I realized that it is not the catchiest for this series, but here we are. Day 4

Since some of you look forward to the weekly “Randoms”, I decided to use that format to share some people who fill my feed and inbox with truth each week.



Another regular member of our church who I enjoy following is Nancy Grace. Nancy is a speaker and published author who shares encouragement through her website Nancy Kay Grace – Grace Notes, Living Life Unedited which you can find here – https://www.nancykaygrace.com

I got to visit with Nancy personally when I was preparing to teach a workshop for our women’s retreat this fall. Nancy does creative journaling and we had such a fun afternoon as she introduced me to ways to doodle and draw the Scriptures.

Nancy sends out a regular email that you can sign up for on her website and I enjoy getting these in my inbox.

Cactus in a teapot Taken at the Hummingbird Cafe San Juan Capistrano CA


Our sister by marriage, Sonja, is an ambassador with a ministry called Revive our Hearts that is led by another Nancy. Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth is someone I have found to be a great mentor through her writing and studies since before she gained that mouthful of a last name with her later-in-life-marriage.

Nancy is also a well known speaker and author and her ministry work through Revive our Hearts is impacting to me as a wife, mom, grandma and woman. I enjoy following this ministry on Instagram. You can find posts under @reviveourhearts.

There are numerous resources, a podcast and conferences offered on the website located here https://www.reviveourhearts.com

One of the books she has written that speaks into the importance of multigenerational relationships among women is Adorned which you can find here https://www.amazon.com/Adorned-Living-Beauty-Gospel-Together/dp/0802412599



Kelly Minter is a favorite teacher of mine. I have done several of her studies and even done some twice. Her teaching style is universal and I believe even men would enjoy listening to her teaching.

She has a variety of studies that you can order through Amazon or her website store and you can also rent a series of video teachings to accompany the studies for a small fee through Lifeway.

Kelly travels the country with conferences called “Cultivate” where she offers both worship music and teaching. These have typically been in smaller local church venues.

I like to follow her on Instagram @kelly_minter and I have subscribed to her email so I get encouragement letters through that as well. Here is her website: https://kellyminter.com

Her book entitled Wherever the River Runs is excellent about her mission work in the Amazon. You can find that here https://kellyminter.com/product/where-the-river-runs/



Another speaker/author I have shared about and will share again is a young woman named Jessica Mathisen. She wrote the Romans study that I have shared with you. An Overwhelming Hope is a thirty day study that I went through two times and found very good for deep meditation on Romans 8 as she takes it verse by verse.

You can find her here https://www.jessicanmathisen.com and sign up for her emails or order the study. I also like to follow her on her Instagram account @jessicanmathisen.

As I mentioned with the Kelly Minter studies, the Roman study would be a good one for men or women; teens as well would benefit from it.



The last one I am sharing is one I have shared with you from the benefit of time spent listening to or reading from and that is Ruth Chou Simons.

You may be familiar with her beautiful water color art, but she is a warm and encouraging speaker and author. I enjoy her books, podcast, and Instagram posts.

She does have a shop for her work and sometimes her emails are just from that product line, but she also sends out some great encouragement so I always check the letter she has sent before deleting.

You can find her at Gracelaced here https://gracelaced.com or on Instagram under both @gracelaced and @ruthchousimons where she shares some wonderful posts about her family and life.

Ruth is going to speaking at several events around the country this year and you can find that schedule on her website. There is one here in Illinois in April which will be part of a Revive our Hearts event.


Okay – I have others but we all have things to do. When you hear a good podcast or have found a nice account on social media that gives you encouragement, conviction, hope, truth..share it.

Share it by word of mouth and also share it on internet. We need to spur one another on as a way to keep our hearts opened to what God might be speaking into us so that we can encourage others.

Blessings and happy Thursday!

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