Salt, we are <3


The sun has not completely risen and to be honest, I am afraid to look out the window. This week has been a roller coaster of weather. I fully expected to see Jim Cantore and his weather channel crew skating across some of our local parking lots yesterday morning.

Between the incredible ice rain of Monday, the big thaw on Tuesday and Wednesday’s potholes that made driving across town seem like a video game gone bad, I am a bit frazzled from whatever storm we are currently recovering from. (Side note….when did we start naming storms???)

In all of it, though, I continue to be amazed at the power of salt. As the trucks dump it along our snow packed roads, and the plows follow, it is only a matter of time before what was a treacherous path becomes safe again.

God says that WE are salt, when we live and act the way believers are supposed to live and act. We don’t have to act LIKE salt….we just are.

Folks, we are living in mucky times. There are many who are traveling down dangerous paths. There are many who are in slippery places.

In Matthew, Jesus taught that crowd lessons that we need to follow today. He taught how we are to live. He didn’t teach us how to throw salt. He taught us how to BE salt.

Your obedient life, lived well for Him, is effecting change for the good – transformation to Christ-like living. It is making the road clear for others to make their way safely to Christ. Believe it.

Be blessed. Be safe. Be salty.


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