Seeking peace <3


This morning in my devotions I found a phrase that just jumped off the page to me. 

In a small book called Jesus-Centered Daily by Rick Lawrence, I was reading about a Saturday he experienced that sounds very familiar to me. 

He started off his day with quiet time and prayer, a workout and a nice lunch. But shortly after that things begin to unravel and he lists a variety of unwelcome interruptions that build and pile up until the day is basically a train wreck. 

Before all of the chaos begins, he says “Control masquerades as peace.”*


I can so relate. 

When I just have myself and my schedule going, I can feel like I have peace. 

But true “peace” isn’t me running my own show with no one messing it up. 

That is a false sense of control. 

If my “peace of mind” rests solely on no curve balls, no pop up thunderstorms, no waves from passing boats rocking my one-woman kayak…then I am in big trouble. 

I feel a series coming on, my friends….so as we wrap up July…come on back tomorrow and let’s take a look at this revealing of where Control can get confused with Peace and what true PEACE might look like <3

*Jesus-Centered Daily, Rick Lawrence; Group Publishing, Inc. 2020

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    1. Well, I hope we are all okay with just some contemplations gleaned from me meditating on passages I am finding. I pray this speaks some hope and promises into us that we can hang on to in these crazy times <3

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