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So I wonder why He didn’t just…


I have been spending some time reading the accounts of Jesus appearing after His Resurrection and I notice that when He rose, as He said He would… He didn’t go into the palace of Pilate or the courts of the Pharisees.

I notice He didn’t pop into and out of the presence of those who were blinded.

He didn’t do a “See, I told you so…” for the people who had scoffed.


He first appeared to reassure those who loved Him and mourned Him….the lowest and least first of all….Mary Magdalene and the women who had tended Him when alive and then went to tend His body after death…

Peter who had denied Him even though he had adamantly declared he would fight to the death for Him.

Thomas who doubted.

The disappointed followers who were leaving the city for Emmaus with their heads shaking at how wrong everything had gone. And…bless their hearts…spent time apprising the LORD of what had transpired the last three days…

And I wonder that He would choose this way to make His Resurrection known and assured…entrusted to those who loved Him and knew Him…strengthening them to receive His Spirit and to proclaim what they had seen with their eyes to a world that desperately needs Him.


I think of how I, who believe Him without seeing Him, would love so much for Him to just appear to those who doubt.

I want Him to walk into the palaces and courts and show Himself to be who I know Him to be.

And instead He chooses to operate in the same way today as yesterday.

He shows Himself to me in the quiet places of my personal need…


and then He bids me to go and proclaim what I have seen and heard to a world …

that desperately needs…

to know…



I pray you find Him today in the midst of the routines of life. I pray He shows up to YOU and that you are filled with boldness to proclaim Him as you….

and I…

journey onward     <3




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