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You are not without power…


This will be a quick one because I have much to do before I leave for work and so…

As I was praying this morning, I thought of the movie Captain Phillips…I know….how random…

If you didn’t see it, Tom Hanks plays the captain of a cargo ship that is hijacked by pirates.

Basically, this big old ship stacked with huge containers and manned by a crew of 23 sailors is taken down with a little speed boat and four men under the age of 20.


Because the crew on the ship was unarmed.

All they could do was attempt to lock themselves down…but guess what.

Padlocks never win against guns.

And what on earth does this have to with my prayer time or your Wednesday?

Sometimes in this life we can feel like the enemy is overtaking our ship and we, like the crew of the Alabama have only a flimsy padlock between us and losing the battle.

That is a lie from the pit of Hell.

Do not be discouraged.

You have been given power through prayer and God’s Word to defeat the enemy who is encroaching on your territory and who is attempting to hijack your life.

Do not cower behind a flimsy padlocked door.

Step into your prayer closet with faith and His Word and take back your ship.

God bless you today, mighty warrior! Your God is on your side!

He wins <3

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