So many thoughts, so little time…

My mind is jumping around like a cat on a hot tin roof, as my grandma used to say.

And speaking of cats, there is a gray one that seems to have taken up residence in the condos under our shed. I had just thought yesterday that we may have finally gotten rid of all groundhogs and raccoons and assorted creatures of the night…and this morning, there sits a gray cat, mocking me and diving between the broken lattice every time I open the back door.

See, there I go…off on a cat trail.

It’s not that I don’t have plenty to do. That is the crux of the problem, I have a lot of things to do in the next few days. Very specific things that have to happen at very specific times.

And then, there is the ever present list of things that I also SHOULD be doing. I have my “to do” lists, and my “projects to complete” lists, and my “goals and dreams” lists. And yes, there are multiples of each.

And all of these lists are the very issue of what I meditated on yesterday (Monday Recap).

So today, I want to put into practice that very good teaching I shared.

And here is how I am going to do it:

Heavenly Father, I am bogged down with all the little details of lists and piles and things I want to do and things I have to do today. I am distracted because I do not know where to start and I struggle to stay focused.

I need Your help to live in the midst of my every day life with a sense of Your purposes and Your plans. I hold tightly to my “lists”, hoping to stay on track and to accomplish things, when I should be holding tightly only to You.

In truth, I don’t know how to distinguish where I have set up little kingdoms and lost sight of Your Kingdom.

So, LORD, before I even start out on the journey of this particular day; before I take the first step, I literally lift up all the lists, all the plans and thoughts, all that I am – my hands, my feet, my voice, my thoughts, my heart – to YOU.

I ask that You guide me, step by step. I ask that if my feet begin to stray or my thoughts begin to jumble or my heart begins to wander, that You would rein me in. Rein me in. Reign over me. All day.

I ask in Jesus’ Name. Amen. So be it. Amen <3

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