One of those dreams…

One of the hardest parts of having adult children is that you simply can not see them every day. And that is particularly difficult on those days when I have a bad dream just prior to waking.

I had one of those this morning.

The kind that is extremely vivid.

The kind that is so brutally real, the tears in the dream are literally pouring down my face as I transition from sleeping to waking.

The kind that so impacts my heart with sorrow that it is hard to distinguish if the dream was prophetic and I should pray or just a bad dream…and I should pray.

The kind that if that child was still a child and upstairs sleeping, I would have to go and stand at the door and watch the covers move up and down to assure me that all is well.

The kind that makes me want to hear the voice, see the face, reassure myself that what happened in the dream stays in the dream.

And then I open the Valley of Vision book of prayers…and in today’s prayer, it’s about releasing.

Of course…

About opening my heart and giving God everything.





And so today, I take another trust walk with God.

I can’t see any of them today.

He can.

I can’t stop anything that might happen to make that dream a reality.

But He can.

And so, I release…my fear, my family, the sorrow in my heart, everything…

And I take up His shield of faith. And I will listen for His voice. And I will follow Him.

May God bless you today as you journey onward <3

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