So the rainbow….

In our Sunday School class, we are doing a series on men of faith in Genesis. This past Sunday was about Noah.

As I was preparing the teaching, I was struck with the bent of human kind toward evil and how quickly it can spread and how alone Noah must have felt in his generation.

When God shared His heart with Noah about the condition of man, He described the whole population as people who were so evil that every thought in their mind was toward doing wrong, continually.

It is like, they got up in the morning thinking of things to do that were evil and they continued in that course of thought throughout the day.

And God was sickened by it and sick of it and decided He was going to just destroy the whole creation and start over.

But He looked on Noah and saw one who had received His extension of Grace. For Noah, like all of us, was saved by GRACE.

He saw one who was waking up to walk with Him. The intent of Noah’s heart was to follow God and so God shared His plan with Noah and Noah accepted the invitation to participate in salvation.

For 100 years, Noah and his sons and family worked on the building of the ark and the gathering of the supplies and the preaching of the word – basically, God is planning to destroy the world. And no one received the Word.

So the family of Noah and the representation of the animal kingdom was gathered into the ark and God sent the floodwaters and the first rains ever.

And through the waters, Noah and his household were saved.

When they finally were able to leave the ark, Noah built an altar and worshipped the Lord.

And God put a sign in the sky. A rainbow.

And the Word of God says that the rainbow is a sign of the covenant of God between Noah, and between all flesh that He will never destroy the earth again by waters of the flood.

That’s what a rainbow means. It means that no matter how wicked we have become, He will not destroy the earth again with a flood.

His Word says that the covenant made between Him and Noah and the generations to come is symbolized by the rainbow and is a reminder to Him and to us of His promise to not send another flood. Plain and simple.

So when I look at a rainbow in the sky, I remember that God remembers His promises.

That God is faithful to His Word, even when we are not.

That He has provided redemption through a new covenant. The covenant of the blood of Jesus, His beloved Son, sacrificed for us to cover our sins and pay the price we owed.

I take no pride in this.

I make my boast in the One who saved me from my sins.

As only God can do; this morning, having just done the teaching on Noah yesterday, this is a line in one of my devotions:

“Just as I gave the rainbow to Noah as a sign that I will remember My everlasting covenant with My children, so too my gift of salvation and deliverance to you through My Son, Jesus, is an everlasting loosing of the bondage of generational curses that had entered your life in times past. Rise up and be encouraged. If My Son has made you free, you are free indeed!” – from John Eckhardt; Women’s Daily Declarations for Spiritual Warfare. Charisma House 2013, pg. 168

God bless you today as you remember the work of Christ that has been done for you <3





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