So what are you waiting for?

Yesterday here in central Illinois, we had what Winnie the Pooh would call a blustery day.

While we pretty much always have some kind of air movement going across the prairie, it was a whole other level of breezy around here for the entire day.

The shoppe I work in has a deeply recessed entry way, and the direction of the wind created a kind of vortex of air.

The door blew open consistently throughout the hours I worked causing the little shop bell to ring every few minutes.

Since I never knew if it was the wind or a person, I would look every time at the start of the day.

It kind of wore on the nerves a bit. Just saying.

Kept me on my toes as I prepared to greet a person and sometimes that happened and sometimes it was just some dried leaves and runaway evergreen sprigs from the garlands out on the street.

Eventually I was not as diligent to look up and sometimes was taken by surprise that a real person had entered the store.

That’s what Advent is really about you know.

For many long years running, Christians have remembered the birth and first coming of Christ and anticipated His return.

Each year we celebrate what our parents and grandparents and great grands…and on and on back….celebrated.

And it may have become one too many years where we looked with anticipation, but no sign of Him.

So we get lazy.

And we are all about the birthday party for Jesus and the tree and the traditions of our family and the gifts and the cookies and the ho-ho-holidays and we have forgotten that Advent is about coming…

the long awaited first coming of Messiah…

and the long awaited Second Coming when He returns.

What are you waiting for this Christmas?

Are you preparing your heart for His Return?

He will come and He will make all things right.

Let’s be rightly ready for Him <3

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