So who are you following?

We met some friends for dinner a few weeks ago. Our table was in an enclosed upper level annex to the main dining area. There is a ramp walkway located in the center of the restaurant that leads to this section.

When we were finished and ready to leave, I was the first out the door of this room. The little hall leading to the ramp is small, so I charged forward boldly and continued down the ramp into the main dining area.

I felt a little conspicuous descending past tables full of diners so I kept my head down and mustered confidence knowing my husband and friends were right behind me.


When I got to the front door and looked back, I was completely alone.

Realizing I had just marched through a restaurant full of people without my posse, I panicked. Pure adrenaline propelled me to retrace my steps rapidly back the way I had just come.

By the time I reached Russ and our friends, embarrassment succumbed to humor.

We all laughed when I burst back through the door commenting that you know you aren’t a leader when no one has followed you.

Which makes me think.

I say I am a follower of Christ.

But I know for a fact that there are many times when He arrived at a destination planned for us without me in tow.

He marched forward, but I was off somewhere…distracted or wandering or straight up lost.

I have been deeply touched by the video of the 21 Coptic Christian prisoners kneeling on that beach.

I can not get over the serenity on their faces. One young man is, obviously, calmly praying. Probably a prayer he has prayed his whole life.

And I think how in the midst of the worst of all possible situations, these men were right behind Jesus. Following Him, as they always had.

All the way to the end.

There is a precious video that captures the faithfulness of these men and many others who have followed well. I don’t know how to do the fancy addition of the website, but you can google it with “21 Martyrs”.

May we all be followers worthy of our Leader.

God bless you as follow Him well; all the way to the end <3


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