Some hacks from a slow learner, picked up over the last few months <3


It’s a full day ahead with the kiddos while mom and dad work and then a night game for Emmett. Miles to go…miles and miles to go…literally and figuratively. 

But I love stopping by here and just in case someone drops by, I want to have shown up. 

So today will be a quick one and then it is off to the races. 

Russ asked me if I remembered May Day this morning since we did something kind of fun for some friends and I said I sure did. It was…gulp…2 and 1/2 months ago. And we were deep into a changed and shut down world for quite a while before we did that little thing so..wow..but I have learned a lot about me and the way I do things in the past few months so I thought I would share some “hacks”…I think that is what they are called…which is weird because isn’t that also what people do to our accounts? 

Oh well…shake it off…here we go:

1.Borrowed an idea learned from Rachel, I started folding my pj’s in sets. A shirt folded inside the pants. It’s so simple and when I told one of my more organized friends she kind of blinked and looked at me like…duh. But if you are like me and are always digging around in your drawer and making a mess of it trying to find the separate parts, it makes life easy peasy at the end of the day.

2. I bought one of those jumbo pill keepers that divides into seven nice compartments to put our huge array of supplements in. I make Russ take enough to choke a cow and I do the same plus a few more. Every night I would open umpteen bottles and divvy out mine to take and his in a small cup for the morning. Now I just fill those puppies once a week and voila! My life has become far more pleasant six out of seven days. 

3. Not overthinking reading a book. Sometimes I don’t get a lot out of a book. If I haven’t marked up the pages a few chapters in, I started grabbing a small notebook to keep near the current read. If I come across something worthy of remembering, I jot it down. I give myself permission to skim read also…gasp…unheard of for me, but lock down made me realize how precious time is. After I am done, if I didn’t mark in it, I give it away prayerfully to someone I think would enjoy with blessings to keep or pass along. 

4. I used to be a fairweather walker/exerciser. Not any more. Shut down has taught me that I won’t melt in the damp, the cold, the heat or the stuff in between. I can roll out of bed and do at least 20 minutes of something. I can make taking care of my body a habit just like brushing my teeth. 

5. Praying to stay focused and on task. Asking God to help me problem solve the concerns I have. Recognizing when anything, even good thing, are substitutes for what only God can give – all these things work. They really do. Self-talk transformed to prayer is essential to me now more than ever. I can talk myself to death and get nowhere. But when I talk to God as if He were right here, because He is, I get good advice, clear direction and a better attitude. 

Ok..there you go. 

What did you learn during the great lock down of planet earth?

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